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    Pass the Keys Top UK Holiday Destinations for 2023!

    British staycations enjoyed a renewed popularity boost during the covid pandemic and despite the return to normality, they are showing no...

    by Pass the Keys

    | Airbnb Management | Holiday Let Management | NW Norfolk | Lake District | South Pembrokeshire | York | Scarborough | Suffolk | Dumfries and Galloway | Newquay | Richmondshire | North Norfolk | Cotswolds | Gloucestershire |

    30 Aug 2023

    Top 10 Ideas for Autumnal Getaways

    There is something special about a holiday in the Autumn, with the fiery woodland and mild temperatures perfect for exploring the best of...

    by Pass the Keys

    | Airbnb Tips | Lake District | Bath | South Pembrokeshire | Edinburgh | Scotland | Suffolk | New Forest |

    23 Dec 2022

    How Can I Maximise My Earnings This Autumn on Airbnb?

    If you are managing a holiday let property on your own, a big well done to you, you’ve made it through the summer! Dealing with guest...

    by Jamie Smith

    | South Pembrokeshire |

    14 Oct 2021

    Holiday letting in Pembrokeshire: Is it right for me?

    Short term letting (AKA holiday letting) has become extremely popular in recent times. The main reason for this is that you can earn far...

    by Pass the Keys South Pembrokeshire

    | South Pembrokeshire |

    01 Jun 2021

    How does Pass the Keys® shine through in Pembrokeshire

    Pembrokeshire has been the perfect holiday destination for many years. The county is home to miles of scenic coastline and beaches,...

    by Pass the Keys South Pembrokeshire

    | Pass the Keys Services | South Pembrokeshire |

    21 May 2021

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