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    Pass the Keys Top UK Holiday Destinations for 2023!

    British staycations enjoyed a renewed popularity boost during the covid pandemic and despite the return to normality, they are showing no...

    by Pass the Keys

    | Airbnb Management | Holiday Let Management | NW Norfolk | Lake District | South Pembrokeshire | York | Scarborough | Suffolk | Dumfries and Galloway | Newquay | Richmondshire | North Norfolk | Cotswolds | Gloucestershire |

    30 Aug 2023

    Why Does Airbnb Ask For Verification?

    Are you an Airbnb host or user who has not yet verified your account? If that's you - get that ID out and get verified. Why? We hear you...

    by Pass The Keys - Shropshire

    | Shropshire | Dumfries and Galloway |

    18 Oct 2022

    Holiday Home In Dumfries & Galloway?  The Top 3 Tasks Hosts Find Most Challenging

    Renting your holiday home on the short-term let market is time-consuming, hard work, and a 24/7 commitment. Read on to see the top 3 tasks...

    by Pass the Keys Dumfries & Galloway

    | Dumfries and Galloway |

    16 Nov 2021

    Exciting news for Dumfries & Galloway as Pass The Keys launches with our new partner Charlotte Boyd

    Although Dumfries & Galloway has always been one of the most desirable regions in Scotland to visit, since the Covid-19 pandemic and the...

    by Pass the Keys Dumfries & Galloway

    | Dumfries and Galloway |

    01 Sep 2021

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