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Can I Stay In My Own Holiday Let?

All you see on the news are travel restrictions and regulations surrounding your potential summer break. But with the summer months...

by Pass the Keys Guildford

| Airbnb Tips | Pass the Keys Services |

28 Apr 2021

How to be a Successful Airbnb Host

Some people assume that hosting a property via a short letting market platform like Airbnb is a doddle; buy a few towels, change the...

by Eleanor Fisher

| Airbnb Tips | Airbnb Management |

23 Apr 2021

How to Avoid Hosting to Unpleasant Airbnb Guests

As an Airbnb host, there is nothing worse than having a negative experience with your guests. Fortunately, this is a problem that short...

by Eleanor Fisher

| Airbnb Tips | Airbnb Management |

31 Mar 2021

Airbnb Management in Chester - Myth Busting with Matt

‘Isn’t there more wear and tear with Airbnb’s than with long letting?’ is a question I’m asked a lot when speaking to a new potential host...

by Pass the Keys Chester

| Airbnb Tips | Pass the Keys Services |

26 Mar 2021

5 Reasons Why You Need to Short Let Your Property in Swansea This Summer

New research has found that 83% of British travellers would prefer a UK staycation than a holiday abroad this year!...

by Hannah McCartan

| Airbnb Tips | Pass the Keys Services |

04 Mar 2021

6 Reasons why Belfast is a Great City for Short-Letting

Lets face it, Belfast hasn't always had the best reputation. Fortunately, with every tourism accolade the city receives the less this...

by Chris Kelly

| Airbnb Tips | Business Tips | Pass the Keys Services |

22 Feb 2021

Does Airbnb Offer Property Management Services?

As of January 2020, there were 257,000 Airbnbs in the UK. Perhaps you hold the keys to one or more of those rental properties.  If you're...

by Pass the Keys

| Airbnb Tips | Business Tips | Pass the Keys Services |

16 Feb 2021

Flexible Short Letting: 5 Types of Host Who Benefit

Ask anyone on any street in Belfast why they think people might Airbnb their home and you can be sure that the most popular answer will be...

by Pass the Keys Belfast

| Airbnb Tips | Pass the Keys Services |

03 Feb 2021

Our Top 5 Tips to Make Your Airbnb Property Shine

The Airbnb market is growing and growing fast. More people are choosing staycations and using the platform as their first port of call when...

by Pass the Keys Exeter

| Airbnb Tips | Business Tips | Interior Design |

26 Jan 2021

Letting Your Holiday Home: Advice For 2021

  To say that 2020 wasn't a glorious year for many people is an understatement. As we move into 2021 and start to look towards a time when...

by Pass the Keys

| Airbnb Tips |

26 Jan 2021

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