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Airbnb Smart Hosting Seminars and Webinars are back!

You may have seen on our social media, but just in case you haven't, our Airbnb Smart Hosting Seminars and Webinars are back! Check out our...

by Becca Butcher

| Company News | Airbnb Services |

23 Aug 2019

Pass the Keys: The Best Airbnb Property Management Service in the UK

Recently, Pass the Keys received some news that we are very excited to share with you, so here goes... AllTheRooms, the world's first...

by Becca Butcher

| Company News | Airbnb Services |

23 Aug 2019

Dream of exploiting endless potential of Belfast’s property to come true - meet Chris Kelly, our Belfast franchisee.

In June of 2019 Pass the Keys is launching in Belfast. The territory will be managed by our latest Partner, Chris Kelly. Below is a short...

by Khai Hoan Nguyen

| Company News | Airbnb Services | Franchise |

04 Jun 2019

How Airbnb is environmentally friendly and useful tips for your property

  It’s 22nd April. What so special about this day? Take a wild guess… It notes the Earth day! An annual celebration that takes place across...

by Viney Kumar

| Airbnb Services | Host Tips |

22 Apr 2019

What are the Pros and Cons of being an Airbnb host?

For those who are unaware, Airbnb is a company that operates on an online platform that simply aims to connect hosts renting out their...

by Viney Kumar

| Airbnb Services |

04 Apr 2019

Is Airbnb self management really worth it?

  The sharing economy brought a lot of freedom and new business to the property lettings market place; Airbnb is a great example of turning...

by Pass the Keys

| Editorial | Airbnb Services |

07 Dec 2018

Is it really safe to host on AirBnB?

    One of the biggest queries when you put Airbnb into google is the question of safety. This is something that has come up often within a...

by Pass the Keys

| Airbnb Services | Host Tips |

26 Nov 2018

The Positive Effect Of Brexit Found In Short-Lets

What's happened after the vote? here were 37.3 million visits to the UK in 2016. That is up 3 per cent on the previous year, and the...

by Pass the Keys

| Industry News | Airbnb Services |

27 Jun 2018

Pass the Keys to an Airbnb Co-Host

Sometimes life can get in the way, especially if you are an Airbnb host of one or more properties who needs a break from the daily guest...

by Melissa Nye

| Airbnb Services |

20 Jun 2018

Airbnb Superhost - Why You Should Be One?

Why Do I Need The Airbnb Superhost Status? Are you just starting your journey as a new Airbnb host or are you already on your way to...

by Sonam Patni

| Airbnb Services | Host Tips |

18 Jun 2018

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