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How Airbnb is environmentally friendly and useful tips for your property

  It’s 22nd April. What so special about this day? Take a wild guess… It notes the Earth day! An annual celebration that takes place across...

by Viney Kumar

| Airbnb Services | Host Tips |

17 Apr 2019

Response to No-fault evictions ban

On 15th April 2019 the government announced they are moving to ban no-fault evictions in the UK.  According to the original article:...

by Leo Bedford

| Franchise |

15 Apr 2019

PTK Franchise Webinars explained

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss?  Have you ever wanted to work in property?  If you have either (or preferably both) of those...

by Leo Bedford

| Franchise |

12 Apr 2019

How can hosts modify their property for guests on a wheelchair

  Don’t you think it’s crazy how properties now days incorporate latest, advanced technological features for guests to enjoy for...

by Viney Kumar

| Host Tips |

11 Apr 2019

What are the Pros and Cons of being an Airbnb host?

For those who are unaware, Airbnb is a company that operates on an online platform that simply aims to connect hosts renting out their...

by Viney Kumar

| Airbnb Services |

04 Apr 2019

How can you take advantage of 3 sports competitions with Pass the Keys in 2019

  With England hosting 3 international sports events this summer, we are expecting to see a crowd of international visitors. Inevitably,...

by Viney Kumar

| Host Tips |

28 Mar 2019

Simple tips to ensure a 5* guest experience on your kitchen!

  “The kitchen is the heart of the home!”   It doesn’t matter which walks of life you come from, food is everyone’s favourite and number...

by Viney Kumar

| Host Tips |

15 Mar 2019

How to Keep Your Vacation Rental Clean, Tidy, and Green

Maintaining a vacation rental can create a lot of waste. Not only must you declutter your property for a great guest experience, you also...

by Alice Robertson

| Host Tips |

26 Feb 2019

Boost Your Airbnb Likability With Your Profile Picture

    As we know, certain factors are crucial for convincing Airbnb guests to choose your flat among the many others on offer, such as...

by Pass the Keys

| Editorial | Host Tips |

20 Dec 2018

Airbnb Services London

  Pass The Keys is a leading London Airbnb Management company. Our full management package enables homeowners to short-let their...

by Pass the Keys

| Company News | Editorial |

08 Dec 2018

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