Why Hosts Should Be Using Pass the Keys Airbnb Cleaning Services

    As an Airbnb host, it's vital to keep your listings clean per Airbnb's health and safety requirements. It can be difficult to stay on top of the changing regulations and keep your space in compliance.  That's why we recommend working with Pass the...

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    09 Aug 2021

    As an Airbnb host, it's vital to keep your listings clean per Airbnb's health and safety requirements. It can be difficult to stay on top of the changing regulations and keep your space in compliance. 

    That's why we recommend working with Pass the Keys for Airbnb cleaning services. 

    Our vision is: “To create opportunities in every corner of the world for our guests, hosts and people. The cleaning service provided is an integral part of our guest experience & the overall agreement we have with our clients to provide full management service across our properties on their behalf. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we illustrate integrity in our services & stay updated with relevant industry guidance to ensure we protect ourselves and others."

    professional cleaner mops floor wearing PPE

    This guide will go over the benefits of working with Pass the Keys for Covid compliant cleaning and Airbnb management. 

    The Benefits of Using a Short Let Cleaning Service

    Pass the Key offers short let cleaning at competitive prices. Our high-quality services are affordable, ensuring you're getting the best rate in the area. 

    Our Airbnb cleaners are security vetted, and we have absolute trust in their services. They've all undergone thorough background checks and we've also interviewed them extensively to ensure they have the skills necessary for Airbnb cleaning. 

    Our cleaners are trained to save you time and work efficiently. If you ever have any questions, our support staff are available to take your questions. 

    Like we mentioned before, when Airbnb hosting, you rarely have the time to effectively clean your property while managing your other listings. The standards of quality control and cleanliness, therefore, change rapidly.

    Working with an Airbnb agency ensures that all of the cleaners entering your property are highly rated. We've hand-selected the cleaners that will clean your Airbnb listing. They'll come fully equipped with all the cleaning products and equipment they need.  

    Airbnb guests look for properties that offer a serene and clean environment. They want whatever space they rent to be spotless with no traces of previous guests around. 

    That's where Pass the Keys come in. We'll bring a freshness that not only thoroughly sanitizes the space but brings in a refreshed feeling to the space. You'll be able to stay ahead of the competition by offering your guests a consistently clean space to relax. 

    Trust in Pass the Keys to take care of the entire process. We're the top Airbnb management company in the UK and rank consistently for providing high-quality cleaning services for hosts. 

    cleaning worktops with disinfectant spray

    Safety and Security of Airbnb Cleaning Services 

    Our primary objective is the safety and security of our guests, hosts, and service providers when managing the Airbnb cleaning carried out across every property. Pass The Keys has undertaken a detailed risk assessment to support every element of the cleaning service structure.

    From April 2021 it is advised, where possible, to leave a minimum of 3 hours gap between guests checking out and cleaning providers arriving. However, where this is not possible (e.g. same day check-in), emphasis is placed on fully ventilating the property before cleaning and wearing adequate PPE during the clean. The cleaning protocol below is then followed.

    The Pass the Keys cleaning standards are broken down into 5 steps, aligned with industry practice. All providers entering a Pass the Keys property to complete cleaning services are aware of these steps, and the importance of carrying out each element of the process to protect themselves and others.

    Pass the Keys Airbnb Cleaning Protocol

    All Pass the Keys cleaners are expected to meet the five-step Airbnb cleaning protocol outlined below. 

    Each of these steps is completed for each room in every property. 

    vacumming and sanitising kitchen

    Preparation and Job Check-In

    Before the cleaning starts, the Airbnb cleaners conduct the following actions:

    • Cleaners arrive at the property with the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Items include disposable gloves, aprons, face masks, & overshoes as appropriate.
    • Cleaners complete a check of relevant equipment and products before entering the property. They ensure cloths and other equipment have been replaced between cleans of other properties to prevent contamination spread.
    • Cleaners complete the check-in steps via the PTK Plus app & take note of each property's domestics & utility location. They check the job for any further manual notes added by the local management team to support the completion of the service.
    • Cleaners wash and sanitise hands before entering the property.

    cleaner carries products

    • Cleaners ventilate rooms before they start cleaning to allow fresh air to circulate for at least 20 minutes. If possible, they leave all windows open during the entire cleaning process, whilst also observing the security of the property.
    • They locate all rubbish and remove it from the property or place it in the designated bin storage area as specified on the property information in the app.
    • Cleaners collect up all guests belongings (if any) and bag them up to be removed.
    • They strip all the beds and prepare the dirty linen so that it can be collected or returned to storage as appropriate. They ensure all dirty linen is transported separately from clean linen.
    • They check for any initial damages or safety risks in the property (e.g. broken mirrors, broken TV, etc.) and take photos as visual evidence to support local management with follow up.
    • Cleaners complete the arrival checklist on the PTK Plus app.

    The holiday let cleaners will complete the arrival checklist on the Pass the Keys Plus app. They'll then move on to cleaning the property. 

    Completing the Clean 

    The cleaning of each room involves removing the dirt and germs from surfaces. All areas below are covered by our cleaners:

    • Outdoor areas
    • Bedrooms
    • Kitchen/dining areas
    • Hallways and staircases
    • Living areas
    • Bathrooms

    Once the property has been cleaned, the sanitation process starts. 

    Sanitisation Practice 

    After cleaning a room, it must be sanitised to reduce the number of bacteria. During this step, the focus of sanitation is on the high touch surfaces. 

    We use sanitiser spray to disinfect all high touchpoints, including:

    • Light/lamp switches
    • Remote controls
    • Doorknobs
    • Window handles
    • Hairdryers
    • Thermostats
    • Bins
    • Railings

    using antiseptic on door handles

    Sanitiser spray is then left to air-dry. Appropriate products must be used during the sanitisation stage. 

    The sanitation products must comply with BS EN 1276 standards to ensure that they are effective against controlling harmful bacteria. Further information can be found via the UK Government website

    Check-List Review

    After cleaning and sanitising, our cleaners check that everything has been completed in each room. This includes:

    • Conducting a final check that all the bins are emptied, and rubbish is in the allocated space
    • Double-checking that the frequently touched surfaces have been sanitised
    • Closing and locking all windows and doors

    Our cleaners will then refer back to the Pass the Keys Plus app to complete all extra requirements for the property.

    Replenishment and Check Out

    To help prevent cross-contamination, the cleaning and sanitisation of each room are completed before resetting it for the next guest.

    • Cleaners wash their hands and put on clean gloves before refilling guest supplies, towels or linen
    • They replace all linen, towels and consumables with fresh, clean supplies
    • Cleaners take pictures of each room using the PTK Plus app
    • Once the tasks have been completed for each room (cleaning, sanitising, resetting, and photos taken), cleaners close the door to the room and disinfect the doorknob. Once sanitised, they do not reenter this space.
    • Then, our staff safely dispose of or wash cleaning supplies and protective gear
    • They fill in the ‘departure checklist’ in the PTK Plus app
    • Cleaners confirm within the Comments section on the departure checklist: “PTK Cleaning Protocol has been carried out. Consumables replenished and spares returned to storage”
    • Add any notes within the damages description box, including any lost property or removal of soft furnishings for hygiene purposes.
    • Re-insert the keys inside the safe and shuffle the number so that the right combination is not displayed


    Basic individual consumables are left available for upcoming guests. Any consumables not used by the previous guest are not recycled for the next guest. Instead, they're replaced with new stock from allocated prepared bags to ensure hygienic controls. 

    Due to updated safety practices, it is important to ensure that every property is fully equipped to support guests with keeping the property clean during their stay. During the cleaning service, cleaners may be asked by the local management team to check that relevant supplies are present at the property. These cleaning items are for the guests to use and are not used by our Airbnb management company. 

    cleaning service team at work in kitchen

    Expert cleaning strategies from the UK's Professional Airbnb Cohosts

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