by Pass the Keys | Host Tips | 08 Mar 2018

The Importance of Having an Airbnb and Short-let Guest Vetting Process

The Importance of Having an Airbnb and Short-let Guest Vetting Process

Saying no to eager Airbnb guests may be hard, but as the platform becomes more popular in Oxford it is becoming increasingly important for the sake of property maintenance, safety, and the surrounding community, that Airbnb hosts and other short-let property owners choose their guests wisely.

As the sharing-economy continues to grow, an increasing number of hosts are putting their properties on Airbnb and other short-let platforms, such as and Home Away, to meet the growing demand of guests opting out of traditional hotels for the chance to live like a local in a short-let property. Although this allows for new innovations, as well as the chance for anyone anywhere to experience local life, the growing industry also allows for a misuse of the platform.

According to Oxford City Council members, short-let platforms like Airbnb have been used by guests to host unchecked parties as well as engage in illegal activity and trade. While this is rare in terms of total stays booked, it can be disruptive to the local communities and it is good to know how to minimise the risk.

To stop the growth in misuse of the short-let market, hosts have the incredible opportunity to choose who they allow in their property and who they reject. Alternatively, if they do not know how to vet their guests, they can turn to an Airbnb and short-let property management company, like local Oxford property management company, Pass the Keys, who have a robust selection process to guarantee hosts only allow the “right” kind of guest into their properties. Not only does this protect the host, but also the property and local community.

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