The Advantages of Using an Airbnb Management Service

    Did you know that Airbnb rentals now account for more than 20% of the holiday rentals industry for a total of nearly $20 billion per year? You want your share, but running a successful Airbnb is a lot of work! As an Airbnb owner, you want to...

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    04 Jun 2021

    Did you know that Airbnb rentals now account for more than 20% of the holiday rentals industry for a total of nearly $20 billion per year? You want your share, but running a successful Airbnb is a lot of work!

    As an Airbnb owner, you want to maximise the use of your property, for the best possible return. That requires an in-depth understanding of the many elements required to run such an investment enterprise. It also requires a great deal of time.

    Ideally, you want to be an Airbnb Superhost, which would earn you up to 60% more revenue per day. This is a daunting undertaking, requiring five-star ratings and top-notch reviews. The only way to get that is with personal, prompt, and perfect service.

    Why not call on award-winning Airbnb Management Service Pass the Keys for help?

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    Why an Airbnb Management Agency?

    You are likely a busy person with a family. You want to enjoy your life and still reap the benefits of your investment property. Our professional Airbnb management agency makes it happen without any stress to you.

    Precise and Appealing Listing

    What draws your guests to your property in preference to another? Often, it's the listing. 

    The listing title will be the first thing the potential guest will notice. It needs to include as many of your properties key selling points as possible. For example, its outstanding location; a three-bedroom house in zone 3 is not always as appealing as a three-bedroom house in zone 1.

    Professional quality photos are also essential. You could snap photos of your Airbnb with your smartphone, of course. But for the best impression, an Airbnb Agency like Pass the Keys provides professional staging and photography worthy of a glossy magazine cover. Our Airbnb management company will provide professional real estate photographers to capture your home in its best light.

    Your Airbnb hosting agency will also ensure that quality ads for your property get the greatest exposure.

    Competitive, yet profitable pricing is another element that Airbnb hosting can provide. The service will leverage seasonal demand with local prices to get you the best possible rate for your property. This means that you will have dynamic pricing that will take advantage of the market's demand.

    Your Airbnb management company will also work to fill open dates on your property.  We'll also deal with cancellations to maximise occupancy rates. 

    Serviced accommodation management such as Pass the Keys Airbnb Agency will not only list your property on the Airbnb system. We will also list with other booking agencies such as, VRBO, and HomeAway.

    Premium Guest Comfort

    You want to ensure that your guests will respect your property and follow house rules. Airbnb hosting will take care of thoroughly screening your guests for you.

    Our Airbnb management company Pass the Keys can provide remote check-in. Police-approved secure key safes make arrival times for your guests more convenient and flexible.

    A house manual is essential to inform your guests of details about the property such as Wi-Fi passwords and emergency contact numbers. Our Airbnb management company provides this in digital format for your guests on the go.

    Providing a five-star service will keep your guests coming back and ensure that you get top ratings and reviews

    Your Airbnb management service keeps you stocked with all the fresh linens, towels, and facecloths your guests will need. Pass the Keys also provides premium toiletries as a part of our service. 

    Problems will occasionally arise and repairs or replacement for broken items will be needed. Your property management company can make the repairs or replace the broken items up to an agreed-up amount.

    The comfort and satisfaction of your guests are in the details and the professional five-star service. The Airbnb agency will make this happen.

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    Professional Housekeeping

    Did you know that holiday rental scores are greatly affected by the cleanliness of the property? There's nothing like dust on the furniture or spots on the linen to drive the scores down. 

    When the guest enters the house, clean and shiny floors and surfaces, a fresh scent, and cheery lighting will create a favourable first impression. Clean, crisp linens and towels will reinforce that impression and ensure your good reviews and ratings.

    With the current COVID pandemic, we all know cleanliness is a priority. Your Airbnb management company will ensure your guests have full confidence that everything in your holiday rental property has been fully sanitised. 

    A professional Airbnb management company will provide your guests with fresh, crisp, hotel-quality linens.

    Your Airbnb Agency will hire professional, well-trained, and vetted cleaners to come in after your guests leave to clean and sanitise everything. The Airbnb Cleaners will restock essential supplies such as toilet paper and rubbish bags. They will make note of any required repair and inform your Agency.

    Having your property cleaned professionally is at no cost to you. Guests expect to have a cleaning fee included in the cost to stay at an Airbnb. The pricing will be set by your Airbnb management company.

    Profit Monitoring

    Airbnb management companies provide an online portal that allows the property owner to monitor all occupancy, cancellations, bookings, earnings, and other relevant details. With Pass the Keys, after every cleaning of your property, our cleaners will upload photos to the portal so you can see its condition.

    Though you are not actively involved in the care and comfort of your guests and the management of your property, you can have a clear and complete knowledge of expenditures, reviews and income.

    The online portal can also allow you to block off dates should you wish to use the property yourself, or schedule renovations. You will be able to see future bookings and booking value.


    No Stress Airbnb Investment

    Are you a new Airbnb property owner or a more experienced one? Either way, it's a time-consuming and often stressful undertaking. You're likely employed elsewhere or have another business, so being available to your guests at all times is challenging.

    Contact us today for more information about how our Airbnb management company Pass the Keys can help you enjoy your investment property.

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