The Benefits of a Short Term Rental for the Everyday Vacationer

For those of you who weren’t born into the generation of Snapchat, Instagram and Smartphones, Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO might just be as foreign to you as “Je ne sais pas”. However, it is time to make you aware of the latest accommodation craze. No...

by Pass the Keys


05 Apr 2018

For those of you who weren’t born into the generation of Snapchat, Instagram and Smartphones, Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO might just be as foreign to you as “Je ne sais pas”. However, it is time to make you aware of the latest accommodation craze. No more backpacking around Europe or staying in fancy 5 star hotels. Instead, nowadays, vacationers are taking on a much more homely approach – the short term rental.

Before all else, the most important thing is to familiarize yourself with the definition of a short term rental. Often known as a vacation rental, a short term rental is when the owner leases out a furnished property for a short-term basis. Depending on the owner, rental location or a combination of other factors, these properties can be rented on a day by day or week by week basis. Although some rentals are shared spaces, it has become very common for people travelling to stay in rented homes or condos instead of scoffing up money to pay for overpriced hotel rates or living minimally via backpacking.


1. All the Comforts of Home

Different from fancy hotels where you will always feel like an outside guest, if you opt for a vacation rental, you will have the luxury of living in the comfort and privacy of your very own temporary, fully furnished home for the duration of your stay. The wonderful thing about short term rentals is that you will be able to have the luxuries and amenities that you’d usually have right at your fingertips – even if you are thousands of miles away from home!

There are different reasons people rent out their homes to vacationers. It could be that they are struggling to make ends meet and need the extra cash. Another possible reason is that it's their second home and nobody lives there so the in order to generate some extra income they put it on rent for holidayers.

Whatever the reason may be, businesses like Housebuyers4u are genuine cash house buyers and will buy any house in any condition so if you're looking for quick cash sale so you can get rid of your home, or you have a home you simply don't have the time to manage anymore, they could be the perfect solution for you!

2. Cost Effective

There is no doubt that short term rentals is the newfound economical way to live out your vacation. Staying in a fully furnished unit provides a lot more flexibility and is a lot more cost effective than hotels and will help you save a lot while you’re holidaying by minimizing the money spent on dining out, laundry service and so forth. This in particular is an amazing bonus if you are planning to stay somewhere for more than a couple of days and if there is someone in your family that has a specific dietary requirement.

3. Living Like a Local

The awesome thing about staying in a short term rental over a fancy hotel is that you really get to have that ‘living it like a local’ experience. Imagine, walking home from a long day out and about to your cosy two bedroom suburban vacation rental located just 5 minutes away from the nearest subway while greeting all your neighbours along the way. Doesn’t that just sound absolutely endearing? Or perhaps you’ve booked a sweet apartment in the middle of a large metropolitan city and you’re in the dining room overlooking the beautiful night view while eating a homemade dinner after a long day away!

There are just so many more opportunities for you to explore areas less frequently travelled to by tourists if you opt for a short term rental and will give you plenty of opportunities to meet the locals!

4. Experiencing a Customized Holiday

If you choose to live in a short term rental, you will have the ability to opt for the style and type of property with the amenities that you want to make your vacation truly unique to you. For example, for some renters, they might have the desire to stay in an 18th Century villa overlooking the gorgeously manicured gardens of France while others might want to live in a fancy loft with an amazing view of Central Park.

This is an awesome way to experience living in a different type of home. If you have the desire to experience different homes apart from short term renting, the only other option for you would be to purchase a similar home or homes as 'buy investment properties' so you can take them for a test run and keep or sell them on when you feel like it, but for the vast majority of people this is very unrealistic.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of what it is, the amazing thing about short term rentals is that unlike hotels which are usually just modern and chic, you will have the luxury of choosing what type of property you’d like to live in for a truly unique getaway!

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