Property Management Companies: How can they help me?

    If you’ve found yourself here, you might be considering whether you should hire a property management company. You’re wondering if it will ease your workload, free up time and be easier than going it alone - sometimes we all need a helping hand, and...

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    21 May 2021

    If you’ve found yourself here, you might be considering whether you should hire a property management company. You’re wondering if it will ease your workload, free up time and be easier than going it alone - sometimes we all need a helping hand, and that is where a property management company can make all the difference. They can be a turning point in scaling your short-term letting business and can offer peace of mind and a trusted hand. 


    What does a property management company do?

    A property management company manages your property, so you don’t have to. Companies such as Pass the Keys® provide a fully managed letting service that does all the hard work for you. They list your property on the largest short-letting sites such as Airbnb, care for the property before and after check-in and maximise your returns. 

    The best property management companies offer a fully managed letting service that looks after marketing, deals directly with guests and helps with the day-to-day tasks of managing a short-let property. 


    What are the duties of a property management company?

    Property management companies carry out a number of tasks which help you to manage your short term let. Each company will offer different services and offer varying degrees of management. Pass the Keys®, for example, offers a fully comprehensive management scheme which gives time, freedom and security back to the landlord themselves. Included in our offering as standard is:

    • Listing preparation includes professional photography for your property to stand out on the marketplace, as well as an informative description and calendar management. So, you can rest assured your property is listed to maximise its potential. 
    • Maximise occupancy with a dynamic and powerful pricing strategy to make sure you can have the best chances of filling any open dates or last-minute cancellations to optimise your return. So, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your property will be bringing in a passive income.
    • Client portal to give you awareness and allow you to check up on the progress of your property’s occupancy, earnings, future bookings and even to block out dates so you can control when your property is occupied. So, you can have control of the reins where it matters most.
    • Guest screening. Pass the Keys® vet all guests to minimise risk. So, you can have peace of mind that your property is in safe hands.
    • 24/7 check-in & guest support to give round-the-clock flexibility and support to your guests and make sure anything urgent is prioritised. So, you can relax knowing we’ve got you covered.
    • Hotel-quality toiletries, cleaning, and laundry services after each guest check-out to ensure high standards never slip. So, you can be sure all your guests are satisfied and will leave glowing reviews. 


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    How do property management companies work?

    Property management companies work by taking the burden of administrative and practical tasks associated with short letting from your hands. Many landlords with short-term letting businesses have day jobs too, and simply do not have the time necessary for maintaining their properties. Short-term letting is harder to manage than long term letting due to the high turnover; but that shouldn’t mean you lose out on the increased yield. Property management companies excel in hands-on management and grant a higher level of time freedom, less hassle, and convenience. 

    If you are a property investor or landlord, with one or multiple properties, then property management companies can be a lifeline to managing it all. Especially if your property is further afield and not necessarily round the corner or if your time is not just limited but precious too.


    How do you manage a rental property with us?

    Pass the Keys works in just three easy steps so you can start earning money for your property as soon as possible.

    1. Sign up for a friendly conversation. Pass the Keys® - Guildford are always happy to have a chat to answer any questions, find out how much you can earn and generally see how property management can help you.

    2. Onboarding process to get you ready. Part of our standard offering ensures your property is fully prepared and ready to go for short-term letting to hit the ground running.

    3. Hit the red button to go live! The property is listed on various booking platforms, including Airbnb, to enable your earning potential immediately.


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    Our short-let management takes the pressure off you, but also ensures visibility to track your property with a personalised dashboard. Our job as a property management company entails daily engagement with either you, the guests and vendors to ensure a bespoke service and quality short let management.


    With a higher demand for staycation property in desirable locations such as Guildford, the short let and Airbnb management companies are imperative to maximise earning potential with the least amount of stress. To see what else we can offer as a short-term letting company, do get in touch today on 01483 924551


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