Pass the Keys launches in Nottingham – Meet Our Newest Franchise Owners Ricky & Rohini!

    Pass the Keys ® is one of the leading Airbnb short-let management companies across the UK focused on offering a great hassle-free experience for both hosts and guests. Now, the UK's largest property management company are proud to announce that they...

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    02 Aug 2021

    Pass the Keys ® is one of the leading Airbnb short-let management companies across the UK focused on offering a great hassle-free experience for both hosts and guests. Now, the UK's largest property management company are proud to announce that they have teamed up with local business owners and entrepreneurs Ricky and Rohini Syal to expand across the East Midlands, opening a franchise in the heart of Nottingham.

    We interviewed both owners of Pass the Keys ® Nottingham, Ricky and Rohini to find out why they are excited to grow a short-let business in the East Midlands and what attracted them to partner with Pass the Keys and become Franchise Owners!

    Ricky & Rohini at home in Nottingham

    Ricky Syal is born and bred in Nottingham and knows the city inside out and Rohini Syal, although originally from Newcastle, has lived in Nottingham for the past twenty years. Combined, Ricky and Rohini have over 30 years of strong sales and marketing experience in the Telecommunications and Marketing Media industry.

    In the last decade, the couple has successfully started their own portfolio of properties in Nottingham within the letting market. We believe that they both have a wealth of experience which they can offer Pass the Keys clients in the beautiful city of Nottingham, and we can’t wait to work with them!

    autum haze skyline of nottingham

    Ricky and Rohini are passionate to grow the business in their home town which has great potential for business and leisure, as well as travel and tourism. There are a number of key UK businesses centrally located within the hub of Nottingham which attracts many visitors. What's more, the short let Airbnb industry has fundamentally changed the way people choose to "stay-cate" across the UK, with the opportunity to grow Airbnb management services in an area world-renowned for the legend of Robin Hood.

    The couple chose to work with Pass the Keys in particular because of the business’s innovative technology and strong infrastructure, as well as the people who are driving the company forward. The staff working with Pass the Keys see it as a great opportunity as it is already an established nationwide company that will further enhance their career and expertise.

    Why is Nottingham good for short letting on platforms like Airbnb?

    Nottingham is one of East Midland’s busiest hubs offering key business, travel and tourist attractions and is also a hotspot for family and friends visiting University residents. The city itself has over 37m visitors each year, the highest number across the region.

    Nottingham is a vibrant city offering both history and culture with its very own castle and caves, fine dining restaurants, and attractive nightlife. Nottinghamshire also offers ‘staycations’ across Sherwood Pines Forest Park giving visitors the true Robin Hood experience.

    Here are just a few of Nottingham's all-year-round festivals and top attractions which will help short-let properties generate bookings:

    • Old Market Square
    • The Lace Market - the heart of Britain's lace industry
    • Nottingham Castle has now reopened after a £30M redevelopment
    • National Justice Museum
    • The City of Caves
    • Highfields Park
    • Green’s Mill and Science Centre
    • D. H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum
    • The Great Central Railway
    • Robin Hood Way and Sherwood Forest
    • Newstead Abbey
    • Wollaton Hall

    Wollaton Hall, Nottingham 

    Why does Nottingham need a short-let management company like Pass the Keys?

    It is common knowledge that the rental income from Airbnb and short letting is far much higher than a standard single let, HMO and BTL. However, what puts most business owners off, is how time-consuming and cumbersome it can become having to communicate with their guests 24/7 and manage their Airbnb property, often on the side of their everyday jobs.

    Most short let landlords and property owners within Nottingham are lacking the time to manage their properties on Airbnb. Pass the Keys has the sophisticated technology and expertise for landlords and property owners to use this short-let management service. The team in Nottingham are here to help landlords, investors and property owners make the best out of their property whilst taking all the hassle away.

    statue of robin hood, nottingham

    If you have a property such as an apartment or house located in Nottingham, now is the perfect opportunity for Airbnb and short letting, especially given the current rise in demand in Nottingham.

    Although different seasons will have an impact on your earnings, Nottingham is a very good area to short let in or set up an Airbnb in, due to it being such a diverse and vibrant city.

    Pass the Keys Nottingham can help you to set up and make sure that you have everything in place to start your short let stays, and most importantly, maximise your revenues with minimal to no input from yourself!

    What are your top tips for homeowners short letting their property on sites like Airbnb?

    If you're short letting your property using a platform such as Airbnb, or HomeAway then there are many things to consider for making it a successful enterprise:

    Communication is vital when it comes to successfully hosting a short-term rental, and personal contact reminds guests that you want them to have a good stay in your home. Try and check in with guests a day or two after they arrive, in order to make sure they are settling in and answer any queries they may have.

    Renters may have questions throughout their stay and speed is the essence to achieving the coveted Superhost status and for great reviews. It is critical that hosts remain responsive and assist guests with any queries they might have. Guests want a responsive host that can answer any queries in advance or during their stay quickly. 

    In addition to the essential items on the list, it is also good to include some extras, nice-to-haves that can help make your guests’ stay more enjoyable and may even affect the review they leave you. The items should be unique for visitors to create fond memories of their stay.

    A good tip is to leave a welcome gift with a friendly note saying that they hope the guests enjoy their stay. Guests always appreciate hosts who leave a little food and drink, such as fruit, crackers, cheese, cookies, bottled water, sodas, beer, and a bottle of local wine for guests to enjoy.

    Other tips to consider…

    • Take professional photos! Good looking pictures male a property shine to its potential/ Just remember…. ‘A photo tells a thousand words…
    • No one likes getting lost! Make sure your guests have clear directions to your property. A link via Google maps perhaps, or clear written instructions via all methods (foot, local transport and car)
    • Make sure they have your contact details – should the worst happen and they need to contact you, make it easy for them – they will appreciate it!
    • Make your property clean and clutter-free – everyone loves a ‘home from home’ but just minus all the junk!


    As the demand for short term lets is rising significantly in Nottingham, so is the demand for professional support and services to help manage short let properties. Pass the Keys has worked with hundreds of property owners across the UK on Airbnb and to host thousands of international and domestic guests. Pass the Keys Nottingham can take away the hassle for short lets offering a full-service operation, created specifically to give homeowners the ability to maximise their short-term rental income. We can list and manage your property on short letting sites like Airbnb, so you don’t have to.

    If you have a property in Nottingham and are interested to find out how much you could earn as a short let host, give Pass the Keys Nottingham a call on 011564 70289. You can also visit our website and get a quote on how much your property could earn through short letting. Simply visit

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