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  Hi Liam, could you tell me about yourself and your connection with Manchester? Hi there! I am a proud born and raised Mancunian that has spent their entire life based in the city. Having grown up in South Manchester, but now residing in North...

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29 Mar 2018


Hi Liam, could you tell me about yourself and your connection with Manchester?

Hi there! I am a proud born and raised Mancunian that has spent their entire life based in the city. Having grown up in South Manchester, but now residing in North Manchester I believe I have developed an affinity with the city and people who live and work there.

In recent years I have been lucky enough to see Manchester climb back up to its rightful place as a business and economic hub. Seeing Manchester thrive is something I am not only excited about but proud and passionate about too.

As someone who has lived in the heart of the city centre as well as its outer lying borders, I feel in a privileged position to be able to help Pass The Keys to help the people of Manchester achieve what they want from their properties.

What do you love about Manchester?

From its industrial heritage to its thriving cultural scene, Manchester has something incredible for everyone. Welcoming and vibrant, it’s been voted the UK’s best city to live in for three consecutive years. Located in the middle of the UK, it has been heralded around the world for beginning the industrial revolution, and having a proud and grounded culture that is recognised in all corners of the globe. We are home of the first computer and where Rutherford split the atom, our inventions are legends. We gave birth to the Stone Roses, Oasis and Joy Division. We brought about the suffragette movement. Manchester is full to the brim with history, talent and it’s just waiting for more to come and discover what we have to offer.

Manchester has the infrastructure comparable to any of the biggest cities in the world without the stresses and strains that come with most. Manchester’s sporting history is the envy of the world and its present isn’t bad either from football stars to Olympic heroes. If you love sport, you’ll find plenty of ways to indulge your passion.

The city is serviced by a huge array of restaurants, pubs, bars, pop-ups as well as entertainment and venues to cater for any and all interests for instance try the northern quarter for a unique and authentic Mancunian experience. With countless venues supporting new and independent acts as well as the Manchester arena and Palace and Opera House theatres, you don’t have to listen hard to hear music in Manchester.

Another thing I love about Manchester is the people. The people are the heart of the city and have demonstrated time and again their harmony and generosity in the toughest of circumstances and still retain an ‘I love MCR’ feeling. As our local poet, Tony Walsh said ‘This is the Place’, this is where you want to be.


Why do people in Manchester need a short-let property management company like Pass the Keys?

As much as Manchester needs Airbnb,, HomeAway and the many other platforms we operate on, many hosts have full time jobs or travel extensively therefore they don’t have time to reply to guest messages, change linens, clean the house etc.

This is where we excel! Pass The Keys are essential to allow hosts to extensively increase their income, whilst ensuring their properties are cared for as if they were our own. Pass the Keys has developed a brilliant team based in London whilst simultaneously using the local knowledge of people just like me. It allows for us to work harmoniously with each other and achieve the best possible results for our clients.

What excites you about Pass the Keys?

Pass the Keys is an ambitious company, which has established a fantastic reputation over the past few years and still has huge potential to grow across the country. It’s a company that has grown rapidly in a few key locations across the UK and it has allowed myself the opportunity to set up a locally based team here in Manchester.

The opportunity to grow a team here in Manchester is now the exciting next step, one which I hope to be able to share and grow successfully with the people of the city. Manchester has so much potential and is the next most famous city in England after London and I want to encourage as many people as possible to come and see our amazing city and Pass the Keys gives me the opportunity to do this for my amazing city.

What do you hope to achieve in Manchester with Pass The Keys?

As a collaborative unit we want to help the city of Manchester grow and nurture its reputation as the second city of England. Manchester is so well placed; it can not only expand aggressively in the coming months but also help fill the demand of the millions of visitors that visit the city and its surrounding areas annually. Manchester has a unique layout in terms of its proximity of the city centre to the harmony and tranquillity of the countryside whilst also being closely linked to a number of key cities in the north of England. The goal is demonstrate that Manchester can be used as hub whilst also acting a jump-off point for the north of England.

Is there any advice that you would give to anybody new to the Airbnb community, both hosts and guests?

As a host, I know that the idea of letting your home out can be tough, but I believe it is something you can be proud of! You can give the visitors of your city an opportunity to experience the real flavour and insight into what Manchester offers. I cannot stress enough how rewarding it will be.

Most people would worry about the workload that may come from entertaining guests in your home, but that is where Pass the Keys shines.

For potential guests, you get to experience the city of your choosing the way it was meant to be. It's not every day a hotel pops up in these sorts of locations and none of them will be able to offer the touches a home does. Airbnb offers some of the most beautiful homes in the most stunning of locations. It’s always my preference when I’m travelling and beats any chocolate on any pillow in the world.


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