by Pass the Keys | Editorial | 24 May 2018

Meet New People at the Comfort of your Own Home

Meet New People at the Comfort of your Own Home

Are you someone who loves meeting new people, sharing experiences, or exploring diverse cultures? Maybe you enjoy having wine with a complete stranger, trying out a new recipe with an unknown person, or listening to people share their life experiences?

If you often find yourself trying out numerous apps to connect to unknown people, then chances are you would love to share your home with travellers from different parts of the world, and in return earn extra income and maybe save up for your next adventure. Yes, you guessed it right, this article is all about letting your home through Airbnb and other short let portals that allow you to rent out your home. Calculate how much you could earn by short letting your home.

There might be some solo traveller out on their next adventure, a professional on a business trip, or a family on their annual vacation. No matter which type of guests knocks on your door, you can definitely expect a fascinating experience. Learn more on how to effectively market your Airbnb property to the right type of guests.

With the rise in this “shared-economy”, it's becoming more accessible than ever to build new relationships and meet like-minded people. Getting deep into a culture is the new type of adventure people are craving. Guests are likely expecting more than a traditional trip. The top among their expectations from travel is to have immersive experiences. They want to live like locals, do what locals do, and adopt an entirely new identity for their period of travel. Play around a bit to make your property stand out to attract amazing people.

This vacation rental industry trend could give you a chance to share your experiences with guests and hear their stories about the other end of the world. If this idea of meeting fascinating people without making any extra effort sounds tempting, but the thought of complications and hassle is putting you off from idea of sharing your home and earning extra income, or if you have security concerns with the kind of guests who might barge into your home, then there are short let property management companies that solve all aspects of short let management. Pass your worries to Pass the Keys who manages everything from listing your home on a portal to screening guests to cleaning and enter this wonderful world of short letting and enjoy the various perks that come with it.