by Pass the Keys | Editorial | 09 Mar 2018

5 Things to Do On Your Brighton Airbnb Getaway

 5 Things to Do On Your Brighton Airbnb Getaway

Spring is not too far away, and with it comes sunnier weather and a hankering to get out of the house. No more heavy coats and woolly socks, but light jumpers and floral dresses - and where better to test out your new spring wardrobe than England’s perfect beach town, Brighton.

Brighton offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities perfect for a spring day trip or weekend Airbnb getaway.

Not sure where to start? We got you covered! Below are 5 fun things to do on your Airbnb stay in Brighton.

1. Brighton Palace Pier

With over 4.5 million visitors in 2016, Brighton’s 118 year-old pier remains one of the beach town’s most popular attractions. The Brighton pier houses carnival rides, rollercoasters, an arcade, and food concession stands. Even more of a spectacle at night, the pier is lit my 67,000 lights, creating a magical twinkling image floating on the sea.

2. The Royal Pavilion

This impressive Grade I listed building was once the seaside escape of George, Prince of Wales. Now, open to visitors, guests are welcome to wander the replica rooms, visit the art gallery, gaze at its Indo-Saracenic exterior, and walk through the beautifully maintained grounds - an absolute must-see in spring.

3. Water Sports

5 Things to Do On Your Brighton Airbnb Getaway

Brighton’s beach front boasts an array of watersports opportunities; you can rent Stand Up Paddle Boards & Kayaks by the hour, and for the more adventurous, Brighton is one of the best spots in the UK for Kite Surfing.

Brighton also offers a variety opportunities to set sail - of course, for beginners, under the supervision of a qualified Royal Yachting Association instructor. What could be more romantic than gliding across the water at sunset, champagne in hand, gazing at the twinkling lights of Brighton Palace Pier?

4. The Lanes

If you’re looking to experience Brighton’s local and historical culture, walking through the lanes is the perfect activity for you. While wandering down these streets and alleyways, you will encounter historic building and cottages, relics of Brighton’s fishing town days, as well as modern shops and cafes, hotspots more representative of Brighton life today.

5. British Airways i360

This seaside observatory, standing at 531 feet tall, offers Brighton visitors unparalleled views of the beach town and beyond. Although it may not be the most attractive addition to Brighton’s skyline, the views from within British Airways i360 leave visitors in awe of the English seaside and country, making this pole-like structure a Brighton must-see.

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