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Lighting 101: How to Transform Your Airbnb Property Using the Power of Good Lighting

Lighting 101: How to Transform Your Airbnb Property Using the Power of Good Lighting

Lighting itself is a functional tool, and it is already part of our lives. It is something that we need to emphasize in our homes. But there are also lots of ways that we can improve lighting and its operation. By reading this article, you can now enhance and improve the appearance of your Airbnb property.

Whether you want to improve your lighting setup or not, these simple tips will help you to improve the style and appearance of your Airbnb property.

Best Suited Lighting for Certain Rooms

Lighting 101: How to Transform Your Airbnb Property Using the Power of Good Lighting

Great lighting can set the mood of your property making a good atmosphere in each room. The main key is to understand the use of a particular room and apply some relevant lighting to ensure it works well.

Open plan dining, kitchen, and living room need to have different circuits of lighting. Perhaps you can create a mix of LED lighting at low-level washers and LED under a cupboard task lights to create a good texture and depth in the space.

Lighting Your Tasks

Assigning some lighting for a particular task is often overlooked; you didn’t even notice that it is vital in regards to developing the functionality of your property. Adding some working light beside the bed or in the kitchen will help you to improve the performance of visual tasks.

Reflective Accents

Try to introduce some reflective elements to each room. For example, hanging a large mirror on the wall will give you a reflecting light that will help brighten your room. Painting your walls white can also give you a good reflection of your light.

Light the Corners

Dark corners all over your property will not help you achieve a peaceful place. Find some creative ways to add more light to increase the functions of those areas. You can also add some wall lighting to your dining room to improve your surroundings. These simple changes can make a vast improvement in your Airbnb property.

Update Your Lighting

Modernize your lounge area with mechanical style lighting. Balance all their streamline look by combining your lighting fixtures with items of furniture, like distressed wood tables and wicker seats. This way you can add some beauty to the dining area. You can look for different styles of lighting in sites like Black Mango.

Bedside Table Lamps

Lighting 101: How to Transform Your Airbnb Property Using the Power of Good Lighting

Measure where the base of the shade meets eye level when you are situated or lying on the bed. This will enable you to decide the tallness of the light, so the light doesn't sparkle right in the eyes of your guests.

  • Reading Lamps. How much light required relies on various elements including other light sources, your eyes, and where you'll be reading. Light shades can diffuse the light, controlling a portion of the brilliance.
  • Side Table Lamps. Lights arranged on a side table in the living room must be brighter than those in the bedroom.
  • Desk Lamps. Work area lights are critical because appropriate lighting can affect both efficiency and inclination. To limit shadows when working, set the light on the opposite side of your active hand. Most work area lights are maneuverable, so you can place the light where you require it to be.

Dim Lights

Dimmers are very important because it allows you to enjoy greater lighting control and atmosphere in each room. They can also help you to save your energy consumption.


It is an entirely different feeling coming into a house and being welcomed by the presence of decorative, contemporary or modern lightings. Well-picked lighting can brighten a whole room, in turn, brightening the mood of your guests.