by Pass the Keys | Airbnb Services | 14 Feb 2018

Airbnb London Has Reached its Millionth Rental!


Airbnb London Has Reached its Millionth Rental!

Airbnb was not always the giant it is today. Despite London’s vastness and its propensity to adopt new concepts, at first, Airbnb was slow to catch on. In 2012, the home sharing platform was scraping by with only a few hundred rentals per week. But like all trends, as Airbnb became more internationally recognised and creditable, so did its use in the UK’s capital.

While in 2014, Airbnb hosted 90,000 rentals in London, in 2015, the startup hosted 215,000. Continuing to grow exponentially, Airbnb hosted approximately 480,000 London rentals in 2016.

Following this trend of consistent strong growth, as of February 2018, Airbnb has probably hosted its millionth rental in London.

Even with London’s enforcement of the 90 day rule, London remains one of Airbnb’s most successful market. Rate of growth may have slowed in London’s central neighborhoods, but in outer neighborhoods - especially up-and-coming neighborhoods with trendy shops, restaurants, and an active nightlife - the rate of growth has remained high.

As Airbnb continues to grow in London, hosts will find it increasingly hard to make their property stand out. Not only is it necessary for hosts to provide basic clean amenities and an attractive interior, but it is also key that they provide great communication and a professionalism reflected in their guest reviews.

Alternatively, hosts can hire a hassle-free Airbnb management company to make sure their property stands apart from the rest. By hiring a manager that offers a comprehensive service, hosts can ensure their London Airbnbs are strategically marketed and beautifully maintained without having to do any of the groundwork themselves.

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