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  Are you worried about not getting the maximum occupancy rate? Tired of doing all the cleaning and tons of laundry every time a guest checks out? Getting calls in the middle of the day and night just to help the guests checks in to your property?...

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16 Nov 2018


Are you worried about not getting the maximum occupancy rate? Tired of doing all the cleaning and tons of laundry every time a guest checks out? Getting calls in the middle of the day and night just to help the guests checks in to your property? Are you looking for a solution to help with your short-letting dilemma? Lucky for you, our seminar contains hassle-free solutions for all of that consists of just that. On the 25th of October 2018, we have hosted an Airbnb Smart Hosting Seminar in London. You could be absolutely new to short-letting seeking more information or you could be a veteran who just wants to brush up your skills, with 3 and a half years of experience in the property short letting industry and having managed over hundreds of properties, we can help you and make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

We have hosted seminars all over the UK, and this one was held in Pass the Keys' home city, London. Our London seminar was a great success being co-hosted by BoConcept, a Danish a furniture store. Our very own team held an amazing event led by our London city manager, Mick Marrai.

Mick Marrai - London City Manager

Mick opened our seminar by diving straight into what short-letting is and how you can short-let with Airbnb, with first finding out if the property is profitable depending on the location and the difference between short-letting and long-letting a property. Short letting is an alternative path that property owners can choose over the traditional path of long letting. Although you can earn more per month by short letting in comparison to long letting, short-letting your London property on platforms like Airbnb can be a massive hassle. There are tons of laundry, check-in in the middle of a workday, worry about if your guests are being looked after during their stay.

Mick then guides the seminar through what Pass the Keys offers to property owners and how they can avoid the extra work that come with short-letting and what is included. He explained our thorough on-boarding process where we go through a detailed check of the property to make sure it’s up to the highest standards and that it’s ready for guests, meaning it will save property owners from a lot of unnecessary problems further down the line.

Mick Marrai - London City Manager
John-Joe King and Mick Marrai








Following Mick, we had a discussion panel that involved; Angela Argenziano, John-Joe King, from Pass the Keys, and Mireille Baumgart and Anisa Porada from BoConcept.

Angela Argenziano, our Head of Client Success, gave insight into how Pass the Keys supports landlords along with answering questions that are on our guests’ minds such as how they can utilise our powerful Client Portal, that we’ve developed in-house to be the one-stop portal for our client to see all that is going with their property. From seeing all the bookings to how much they would be expecting with in the next few month and more! Angela has also given our guests information on our 24/7 guests support and how they can become Airbnb Superhost with the help of our management service.

John-Joe King, our Senior Host Advisor, also answered any questions and queries that some of our guests have during the panel session. John-Joe gave our guests a detailed information on specific postcodes of London that we’re currently operating in and the different rates of our short let management service. He even answered one of the most popular questions that were asked by London property owners which is  the 90-Day Rule. Pass the Keys offers a custom-tailored solution that involves mixing short-let and long-let to maximize your occupancy rate and earnings.

Rowan Bond - Senior Host Advisor

Angela Argenziano and Mireille Baumgart

As the seminar ended, we were able to meet many property owners who joined us for the evening and answer any questions they might have had on a one to one basis as well as have the chance to interact with everyone personally. Many of them have left us their contact information because they believed our services will be beneficial to them and wanted to progress further with us. We regularly hold a Smart Hosting seminar every month in all the cities we operate in. If you missed this one you can attend the next one near you! Furthermore, you can also checking how much you can earn from your property by using this calculator, or you can directly book a call with one of our host advisors for more in depth details.

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